10 Years of Twilight

10 Years of Twilight

10 Years of Twilight

This past weekend, me and 300 plus of my closest Twi-hard friends were in Forks, Washington celebrating 10 years of Twilight and 10 years since Breaking Dawn (the book) came out.  Yes, Twilight is still a thing. Yes, we still love Twilight. And Yes, Team Edward and Team Jacob still battle about who Bella should have been with. Honestly, if I had to pick I would be Team Edward cause HELLO he is Edward freaking Cullen, but I am a Team Emmett girl!

Since Twilight got me in my feelings, this Music Monday is all about my favorite sounds from the all the Twilight soundtracks. I am sure I have done a similar post before but shut up, you can never have too much a good thing. And Twilight is so damn good.


I have two favorite songs from the Twilight soundtrack. “Decode” and “Supermassvie Black Hole,” I can’t get enough of these two songs.  I think Decode might be my favorite from all the soundtracks. It didn’t play in the movie’s end credits and I think that was a bad choice. However, Muse‘s song couldn’t have had a better placement in the movie.

New Moon

Honestly wasn’t a fan of either book or movie but I did love one song off this soundtrack. It just perfect and it guts me cause it’s what Bella is feeling when Edward leaves her.


Now this was my favorite book and my favorite movie. I just love this one so much. This soundtrack didn’t fall short. My two favorites from are both funky and perfect.

 Breaking Dawn

This movie was split into two so we got two different soundtracks, which was bonus for us Twi-hards. These two soundtracks had some great songs but again I had my favorites. Bruno Mars‘s “It Will Rain” is the perfect song for Edward and Bella. The lyrics to this song are just everything.


Now this one isn’t from the BD soundtrack but it is pretty much in all the movies. That would be Bella’s Lullaby.

And then there is this song one song that will forever be the song that make us Twi-Hards get the major feels. That would be Christina Perri‘s “A Thousand Years”. It gives me the chills every damn time I hear it. I even have been known to tear up a little bit.

Thank you Twilight Saga and Stephenie Meyer for changing my life in so many ways. For turning new friends into forever friends. For turning online friends into real friends. For helping me through a breakup and cancer and basically changing my life for the better.

That is it for this Music Monday post. What are your favorite songs from the soundtracks and what is your favorite book? Let me know below. Catch ya on the “B” side.



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