Welcome to ‘The FANdemonium Network. We are your one stop fan-site that networks together several different fan blogs; that include:

www.FyeahTheoJames.com – Our site dedicated to the sexy and talented Theo James.

www.TeamCudmore.com – Our site dedicated to the Cudmore brothers. One is a sexy talented actor (Twilight) and the other a hunky Rugby player!

 www.TheCamargoBlog.com  – Our site dedicated to the amazing Christian Camargo

 just to name a few.

We are more than just a network of blogs though; we are your go to place where all YOUR fandoms come together! We will make sure to post all things that make you scream, squeal and have your hearts fluttering. We post articles, news, pictures and some editorials from your favorites from books, music, TV and the big screen.
We work tirelessly to get you the latest on all your fave celebs, books, and movies. If we aren’t covering your faves, then let us know, or better yet, why not join us and blog for us! That’s the best way to spread the word on what you like and get more fans to your fave celeb, or fandoms! 

We do not condone the invasion of anyone’s privacy and are happy to say that we are paparazzi free.