WATCH: RWBY Vol. 6 Trailer

RWBY Vol. 6 Trailer

The brand new RWBY Vol. 6 Trailer dropped yesterday and winter has come to the world of Remnant! If you haven’t yet seen it, click below and then read on below for our breakdown and theories!


I mean, where do we even begin with that? Right, let’s look at some of the biggest questions.

Who IS that on Yang’s bike with Team QROWBY? We glimpse her again later in the trailer, long white hair in a braid, could she be one of the remaining Maidens perhaps.

Who is that floating down from the sky in front of a bunch of worshipping villagers? The coat makes it look a lot like it could be Watts.

What’s going on between Emerald and Tyrian? Could be poor Emerald is getting picked on by Salem’s goons now that Cinder is no longer around to act as a buffer.

Who is Salem talking to? Emerald perhaps? Seems like she’s been taken in to the fold now that Cinder is, uh, missing…

Did Adam find all those Faunus already dead or did he do it himself? The only thing that would surprise me about it being the latter is that he’s not in a prison cell right now. I felt sure he’d get arrested after his failed attempt at a Faunus coup.

The second half of the trailer gives us glimpses at new flying Grimm, some cool Renora team up action, and what looks to be Weiss and Ruby being seriously badass together. It doesn’t give a lot away, so we are left mostly to speculate. And also freak out over that last line. Ruby saying “Don’t let anyone else die.” Is she talking in general, perhaps referring back to Pyrrha (sobs), or does that mean we are losing someone we know and love this volume? Come to think of it, did anyone see Jaune? Kidding, there’s a split second glimpse of him with Nora so nobody panic.

We’d love to hear your reactions, thoughts and speculation on this trailer. Tag us on twitter or drop them in the comments below. Don’t forget the ONLY place to watch RWBY vol. 6 will be at so make sure you sign up so you don’t miss out!

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