Review: The Devil In Disguise #4

Review: The Devil In Disguise #4

So I’ve had this one sitting in my inbox for a while, and I must apologise to Matt for not getting round to it sooner. That said, I’m actually glad I saved it until I had a decent amount of time so I could appreciate it more. It’s time for me to check out Devil In Disguise #4 from Garvey and artist Robert Ahmad.

If you’ve missed the previous 3 issues, be warned, there will be spoilers ahead. If you’ve read them, and want to see what we thought, you can do that here.

So after escaping from a cult hell bent on destroying the world and possessing a poor schmuck called Nate things came to a head for Lou, the “good” half of the devil. But Cipher, the “bad” devil is coming, there’s gonna be a showdown, and that’s not good. Mostly cos it means that Hell is probably going to explode and kinda destroy the world. That’s why Lou came to earth, to try and fix things.

The End of the Beginning

#4 mostly takes place somewhere on a rooftop as Lou and Cipher duke it out. Poor Nate is stuck in the middle as the two demons punch out their differences. Given that this is the culmination of the first arc of the story, it’s a pretty cool way to tie things up. Characters get their comeuppance, including the skeezy cult leader, which made me happier than it probably should. This final instalment of the first arc of the story closes the circle on some elements of the story, while at the same time opening the door for the next “chapter”. It’s well done, giving enough closure on the characters we have gotten to know, while also setting up for the story to continue.

This issue is peppered with Garvey’s acerbic banter. The kind you’ll be all too familiar with if you’ve ever spoken to him on twitter. I’ve really grown to love the snarky relationship between Nate and his demonic internal companion.

I also really like the way Ahmad has managed to give both halves of the Devil a different look/feel. Cipher feels more kinetic. More angry. While Lou/Nate are more reasoned.

Trade paperback

In case you weren’t aware, Matt has already produced a trade collecting the first four issues of The Devil in Disguise. It has a sumptuous cover designed by the legend that is John McCrea. The trade is already available to buy from Matt’s online store. The first 100 orders come with an exclusive black and white print of the cover. Matt tells me there are still a few left, so if you want that extra the time to buy is now! If you just want the single issue of The Devil in Disguise #4, that’s available here.

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