Supernatural “King Of Hell” speaks about the show

New York Comic Con

Crowley “The King of Hell” left the Supernatural realm, but he stopped over at the New York Comic Con to visit with the fans.

Mark Sheppard returned to the NYCC with more stories of the crossroads and so much more from his career and life.

Sheppard portrayed the lord of the underworld for the better part of 8 seasons before he was killed off in May 2017 during the season 12 finale. I was upset when they killed Crowley off. I think most of you could agree we were hoping they would somehow bring him back like they have before.

He shared that Andrew Dabb wrote an end piece where Crowley originally was supposed to be killed off in season 12 episode 21. Sheppard brought it to the writer’s attention that he never sparked out. They said let everyone think your dead and we will rewrite you back in and kill you for real. He expressed that he hated the original death but they worked with him to have his ending be more of what he wanted and more significant. His character always had a love-hate relationship with Sam and Dean Winchester over the years, but him sacrificed himself to help the boys in their battle with Lucifer was the best way they could have ended it.

While filing the last part of his shots it was in sequence (which never happens, everything is always shot out-of-order) and he thinks that’s why it worked so well because the tension built and built and built. That even the crew in between takes were dead silent.

The 54-year-old Brit walked around the room for the informal panel (which did not have a moderator) and had fun mercilessly (and somehow still lovingly) teasing members of the audience while answering questions about his career, his interests and life in general.

He’s talking about how being in bands helped him get sober and how he was a heroin addict. Which was a surprise to me. He’s been playing with Rob Benedict’s (Chuck) band recently.

He seemed to show more of his feeling on leaving the series with the audience today then I’ve seen before. Some of it was a little surprising. We wanted to share a little of what he shared with the NYCC fans

He commented that, “When I portrayed Fergus it was the stupidest plot point ever written in the history of television. Fergus wasn’t Crowley. It was the MEAT SUIT he was using. He used to be Fergus. It made no sense because Crowley can’t have a mother, he was a demon and was never human. But they got lovely Ruth Connell to be his mother, but she shouldn’t have been his mother, she should have been my ex-wife.”

He called Crowley’s demise “The slowest, most painful death I’ve ever seen. I’d gone from being the smartest character on the show to being the dumbest character in two seasons. They ran out of what to do.”

He replies with “Don’t go to Comic Con.” The crowd says OOOOOOHHHHHHHHH!! He says “THAT’S THE THING THAT GETS YOU?!?! Out of all of the things I’ve been saying, THAT’S what you get upset about?!”

A guest says “This question is for Crowley: Are you busy in the underworld or something because I’ve been summoning you for over a year and I haven’t heard anything.” He answers awkwardly “uh. Yeah, been busy.”


Asked by a fan , “Would you ever return to the show as a guest spot, like what Felicia Day did? His reply was, “Why? I’ve done what I’ve done. I did good. I have new things to do. For Gods sake face it, I’m dead! Wakey, wakey, they tried to kill me off for two years!”

A fan asked “If you could go back in time and give yourself advice. What would you tell yourself?” Someone from the audience asked, “As an actor, how do you want your fans to remember you?” Sheppard comments “Like this, fun! I love this, I love coming to these and I get to see you all and I get to pick on you all.”


He says “Heroes are amazing things to have, to look up to someone. I love playing the anti hero but I’m always the hero in my own story.”

He’s working on something new but he can’t talk about it yet. He’ll announce as soon as he can. As soon as we know what his new project is we will share it with you.

I liked how he was sarcastic and razzed people. It makes it fun and entertaining when he jokes with people. I hope you enjoyed this snippet of his panel at NYCC. Click here  to see more that’s happening at 2018 NYCC.

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