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With only one more episode left, this episode is pivotal to the season finale next week.
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Preacher Review Season 3X09: Schwanzkopf

  • Look up what the episode title means; we’ll wait.
  • Explosions
  • Asshole Eccarius
  • Ass Souls
  • Hell bus
  • Tanks
  • Spoilers

Eugene Has Just Enough Mouth to Put His Foot In It

Preacher Season 3

That’s a cool whip. Not Cool Whip, an actual whip. I don’t think Azrael deals in dessert toppings.
Photo credit: AMC

At the Hell bus stop, Tulip(Ruth Negga) retrieves the suitcase with the souls in it that she lost last week. The Angel of Death(Erinn Ruth) gets a verbal beatdown, but then Eugene(Ian Colletti) opens his hole and reveals that The Angel had gotten the wrong Grail operative. No doubt Tulip will be able to fit her foot up his ass later. Featherstone(Julie Ann Emery) is free, and leaves with a nonplussed Jody(Jeremy Childs).

Tulip uses every skill she has to try to escape the bus, but the supernatural bus seems to be Tulip-proof. She even taunts The Saint of Killers(Graham McTavish), but to no avail.

Preacher season 3

Of course the bus to hell wouldn’t have a bathroom.
Photo credit: AMC

But then Hitler’s(Noah Taylor) skinhead arrives with a tank…

Eccarius Puts Cassidy in the Corner Pocket…and Middle, and…

Preacher season 3

A few seconds after this, your heart breaks for Cassidy…again.
Photo credit: AMC

Eccarius(Adam Croasdell) tries to persuade Cassidy(Joseph Gilgun) that his murder of the vampire fledglings is an okay thing. Cassidy fights him, and loses again. Eccarius decides that Cassidy’s death should not be easy. He turns the acolytes against Cassidy, and Eccarius crucifies him on the pool table. Opening a curtain, Eccarius reveals that the sun will eventually get to Cassidy, and he must watch as it creeps towards him.

The house grandma comes in, and is a passive aggressive little lady to Cassidy. She gives him an energy drink to wet his whistle, but berates him. He asks for a last request–call Lisa in Poland, granny…

How Jesse Got His Groove Back(AKA ‘You get a Humperdoo, and You Get a Humperdoo”)

Jesse(Dominic Cooper) is in dire straits. He is about to lose Genesis, and Herr Starr(Pip Torrens) has abandoned him. Jesse frees himself under the guise of asking for a final absolution, and cleverly takes out Allfather(Jonny Coyne). Herr Starr reappears, and reveals Allfather’s insane plan to take over the earth via nuclear war, and then reveals his only less crazy plan. Jesse sees Humperdoo(Tyson Ritter) number…uh… I lost count, in the booth, and decides that he must die. Unable to kill the simpleton, Jesse realizes there is a regiment of Humperdoo and releases them into the world. Many are quickly dispatched by cars. Jesse commences looking for the vial holding his soul in the mess that was Allfather.

Looking for Allfather’s Outhole in a Room Full of Innards

Angry at each other, Starr and Jesse glare at each other, until Allfather’s sphincter falls from the ceiling, finally relaxing enough to release Jesse’s soul vial. The two battle it out, Jesse finally beating out the blood soaked Starr and getting his soul and Genesis back. The Word revived, Jesse tells Starr “NO MORE HATS”.

Going outside, he heads for Gran’Ma(Betty Buckley), TC(Colin Cunningham), Jody and Featherstone.

Preacher season 3

The fight for Jesse’s soul.
Photo credit: / AMC

Thoughts on this Episode:

Eccarius is so pretty, but such a slimy asshole. I can’t wait for him to get his.

Will Cassidy use his magic tincture to escape?

Two asshole grandmas when we only expected one. That is a lot of value.

“I’ll make lasagna”.

Next week is going to be wild af.

I really want to see The Saint take down the skinheads…so long as Tulip gets away.

Hoover(Malcolm Barrett) admitting he is a vampire and helping with the wigs…

Featherstone still pretending Starr wants or needs her is a representation of toxic fans in fandoms in my headcanon.

The fact that the entire Allfather explosion scene is on TV, and the earlier Friday the 13th films had to fight to get less gory things in a RATED R CINEMATIC RELEASE is insane to me(Watch the brilliant and long documentary “Crystal Lake Memories” to see what I mean. It is rated R for nudity, adult situations, and language).

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