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S04EP05 - Savages: Claire’s (Caitriona Balfe) medical expertise proves invaluable for a family of German settlers, but she begins to fear for her life when tragedy strikes her patients’ household. Jamie (Sam Heughan) and Young Ian (John bell) travel to a nearby town to recruit settlers for Fraser’s Ridge, but find their progress hindered by a burgeoning political movement.
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Outlander – SavagesReview

This fourth season of Outlander has been super exciting with so many ups and downs and twists, can you believe this only the fifth episode? Outlander – Savages brings a fan fave character back to the screen and such an emotional plots, I don’t know where to begin.

I think the rightful place to start is with our fave, fan fave, Murtagh (Duncan Lacroix). I swear I had tears of joy streaming down my face when we saw him. We knew he was at the battle of Colloden, then he was in prison with Jamie (Sam Heughan) but that was where his story ended, or so we thought. If you read the books, you know that we barely get any mention of Murtagh through the books, but he was, is, such a great character they added him and kept him in the series. Nothing was taken away from the books with this transition, no one complained, until we didn’t hear or see Murtagh anymore.

Watching Murtagh saunter on the screen whistling Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy, took my breath away, and that was conveyed on the screen via Claire (Caitriona Balfe). The genuine look of surprise and happiness on her face reflected us all.

I am thrilled that he is back and I am not caring for how long or short of a time. I am just happy Claire and Jamie have someone that knows their secret to talk to.

Back in their time, Roger (Richard Rankin) is searching for Brianna (Sophie Skelton). In last week’s episode we saw it end when Gayle (Simona Brown) tells Roger that Bree went to visit her mom in Scotland. We all knew what that meant, and now that means Roger is like a dog with a bone, tracking down his woman. His quest takes him back to Inverness, where the nice lady where Bree stayed, let him know he needs to find a Scottish lass, and gives him a letter that she was supposed to hold for a year. A YEAR. Also he, Roger, got a ‘Dear John,’ letter, without even saying Dear, John…

We all know that Roger will not wait a year, but what to do? Does he talk to Fiona (Iona Claire)? Could she help him, what exactly does she know about the stones?

Back in the colonies Claire is afraid for her life, while Jamie has reunited with Murtagh. In our present time people are afraid of what they don’t know and it seems that Claire is no exception.

Claire delivers a baby from one of the German settlers, and finds she is the one to keep the peace between them and the natives. Naturally, she succeeds, but the German’s don’t understand the customs of natives and freak out when the sprinkle a blessing into the stream.

Fast forward a few days and the head of the house, is crazed as his family died of the measles.  To get revenge this man decided to kill the source, Adawehi (Tantoo Cardinal). He brings Claire her scalp. Claire and her were friends, and she is visibly shaken to her core. He leaves and goes home. Little does he know that the natives are seeking their own revenge. Their bows and arrows are flying through the air with fire and kill his wife, him and destroy his home.


Clip: Shillings

Clip: Whistle

Clip: Stones


Things That Make You Go Hmmm

  • Will Murtagh be around to meet Brianna
  • What will Roger do
  • Will Fiona help him go through the stones
  • Who will, ‘Be on the other side of the stones’ for Bree
  • How will Bree explain her accent and so on to the people she sees on the other side of the stones
  • Will she go “home” to Lallybroch
  • When will Roger go
  • Will Murtagh stay at Fraser’s Ridge

What are your fave moments of Outlander – Savages? What are you looking forward to in Episode 6  – Blood of My Blood? Let us know all your thoughts in the comments below.


Outlander Episode 6  – Blood of My Blood

Airdate: December 9th at 8 PM ET/PT on STARZ, the STARZ App and STARZ On Demand

Jamie and Claire are surprised when Lord John Grey (David Berry) drops in on Fraser’s Ridge with an unexpected traveling companion. When Grey takes ill, Claire must reconcile her personal feelings with her duties as a doctor.

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