MacGyver Season 3X01 Review: “Improvise”

MacGyver - K9 + Smugglers + New Recruit

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Plot Twist9.6
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The Season 3 premiere has sent the show off to a great start!

MacGyver Season 3X01: “Improvise”

MacGyver returns, then Mac returns!


New girlfriend!


Running, shooting, the team back together


Well, Well, Well, “Improvise”. Mac Has a Beard

MacGyver(Lucas Till) has been gone from Phoenix for three months. He’s grown a beard, helped dig a well, and found a beautiful new girlfriend, Nasha(Sibongile Mlambo) in Nigeria. I don’t know what order those three happened, except for the well part being last.


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Mac has moved on, and is happy without Phoenix or his father(Tate Donovan). He is at peace in Nigeria, and Nasha has given him support and stability.

Jack Is In Trouble

Sadly, Mac is needed at Phoenix. Jack(George Eads) has disappeared, and video has recently resurfaced of him in deep trouble in Belarus. Mac agrees to help save him(of course!), recalling guiltily the last message Jack had sent him; Mac had left it unanswered. It is obvious to everyone at Phoenix that Jack is adrift without Mac to anchor him.

Mac Daddy

MacGyver is none too happy to reunite with his father, but he does. Parachuting into hostile territory, Mac must rescue his father. They find that Jack has double-crossed the despot in power, and his life is in danger. Mac must improvise a little more than usual(and without Jack’s poor phone) to find him. Jack is happy to see the fresh shaven MacGyver(dang it), and all three maneuver quite a bit to get out of hostile territory. Needless to say, there is a lot of Mac rescuing Jack, and Jack getting his head rammed into things.

From Jack to Jill


The core team rocking. Photo credit: CBS

Jill(Kate Bond) has taken on either an assistant role to Matty(Meredith Eaton), or eased the computer work burden on Riley(Tristin Mays). She works closely with the core team, helping to bring Mac and his father and best friend home. Bozer(Justin Hires) and Leanna(Reign Edwards) show off unknown skills such as incredible soul patch growing and helicopter flying.

*%$@*& Twist Ending!

Back home, the crew think that MacGyver might stay. But his heart is in Nigeria with Nasha, and we see him, plane ticket in hand. He is facetiming Nasha, and is anxious to return to her. But a man approaches him, handing him a box. Knowing it can’t be good, he has the airport evacuated, and the box X-Rayed. Thankfully, it is just a phone with Jill’s phone number attached. Jill is happy to hear from him, until Murdoc(David Dastmalchian) appears in her backseat, making her crash. Taking her phone as she lies bleeding, he taunts MacGyver, and Mac realizes that to keep his friends and loved ones safe here and in Nigeria, he must return to Phoenix.

Thoughts on Improvise

I love this show so much. There is an underlying mythology, but the plots are usually contained in one episode. Great Friday night entertainment.

Jack, though. His lost puppy eyes lighting up when he sees Mac is the sweetest bro thing.

Dammit! I really like Jill! I thought as the scene faded to black, that maybe there were hospital sounds, so hopefully she isn’t dead.

The parachute jump, real, CGI, or what? Damn, that’s some great SFX either way!

The nearly flying off the cliff bit was pretty sweet, too.

David Dastmalchian making Murdoc’s moves chaotic and serpentine gives me an uncomfortableness any time he is on screen.

Leanna flying makes her the Luke Skywalker of MacGyver

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