YouTube’s Just-Released Music Videos

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YouTube‘s Just-Released

Music Videos

I am not sure how people find new music now a days. My guess is YouTube and I guessed right. They have a playlist called Just-Released Music Videos. I know, back in the day, you would have to listen to the  radio to get new tunes or watch MTV. We all know its been a long ass time since MTV played music videos. But with so many music apps and XM radio you have endless new music at your finger tips.

I have been a bit of a music funk as of late. So I decided to find some new tunes and I went straight to YouTube. I was in luck when I came across this playlist: Just-Released Music Videos. I was in shock to see this has over 2983 music videos that just came out in the last week. HELLO that is crazy awesome and, lucky for me, YouTube already has them rated.

Top 10

  1. BTSIdol

I have heard of this group but I have never heard their music before. They are new to me. My thought on this group, another not so great boy band from another country. Its different, but it’s not my thing. I can see how they are popular but on a scale from NKOTB to O-Town these guys are way below them all. Sorry J-Pop and BTS fans.

2. Imagine DragonsNatural

Now this is more my speed. I love this group! Seriously they haven’t had a bad song yet. I love these guys. This song and video are both equally amazing.

3. YoungBoy Never Broke Again featuring Kevin Gates And Quando Rondo- I Am Who They Say I Am

Another new to me and I kinda like it. It’s not like all that other BS hip-hop music that is out now. I will most def listen to more music by this group.

4. The Chainsmokers, NGHTMRE – Save Yourself

Another one of those bands that puts out the hits. I am sure this will be another hit for them. This beat is sick. It makes me wanna dance. I could totally be in a club getting lost in this song.

5. Liam Payne, French MontanaFirst Time

1D was never my thing, but ever since they all went solo I am loving them. I love the differences in all their styles. I am loving all the music by Liam. This is sure to be a good club hit.

6. Zedd, Elley DuhéHappy Now

Zedd is a hit maker and this one is really good, but the video is crazy nuts. But I get it and I like it. But, as I listen to this song, I hear another song in the back beats. It was called Fireflies by Owl City. Can you hear? Simple maybe?

7. Tribe featuring J. Cole- Bas

No clue who Bas is, but I know J. Cole and I am feeling it. Its got a good vibe. I like it a lot.  Added to my playlist to hear more as it comes out.

8. Bring Me The HorizonMANTRA

Never heard of them, but it’s not bad. I dug it. This is another that will be added to my playlist.

9. LANY I Don’t Wanna Love You Anymore

I am a lyrics girl, so if they speak to me then I would love the song. Let me tell you, I am feeling the lyrics to this song.

10. The Chainsmokers – Side Effects ft. Emily Warren

Are you shocked to see them on the list again? I’m not. Like I said, these guys crank out the hits.

So tell me ,how do you find your new music? Were there any on this list there was new to you as well? Let me know below. Catch you on the B-side.








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