WATCH: Strike Back S6 Trailer

WATCH: Strike Back S6 Trailer

The action-packed CINEMAX drama series STRIKE BACK will kick off its sixth season FRIDAY, JAN. 25 (10:00-11:00 p.m. ET/PT). Starring Warren Brown, Daniel MacPherson, Alin Sumarwata, Jamie Bamber and Yasemin Kay Allen, the show follows the explosive escapades of Section 20, an elite, multinational, covert special ops team, as it spans the globe fighting a vast web of interconnected criminal and terrorist activity.

Season six credits: executive produced by Andy Harries, Sharon Hughff, Jack Lothian and Richard Burrell; producer, Nuala O’Leary.

Regular viewers will have noted some staffing changes in the Section 20 team. Captain Reynolds (Roxanne McKee) has moved on to pastures new and it seems Sgt. McAllister (Warren Brown) has stepped into the breach at least temporarily. Wyatt (Daniel MacPherson)

We get a glimpse at new Section chief, Colonel Alexander Coltrane, played by new cast member (and absolute gentleman) Jamie Bamber. It will be interesting to see how he ranks against those who have, in the past, tried their best to herd the cats that are Section 20 members.

I’m stoked to see Alin Sumarwata back as Lance Corporal Gracie Novin, that girl really knows how to mix it with the baddest out there. Even if I still haven’t quite forgiven her for calling Damien Scott “dickhead” back at the end of last season!

Strike Back returns to Cinemax on January 25th at 10pm. No word on a UK air date yet, but we will keep you posted!

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