TV Funko Pops

Comic-Con 2017 - The Complete TV Lineup

TV Funko Pops

SDCC Funko

We are back again and this time we come with TV Funko Pops. But not just pops. We got Dorbz, Pop! Rides, and a Scented Pop. You read that right. You can smell a pop.

Game of Thrones

That’s right Funko has added a Game of Throne pop and we have 4 dragons dorbz. They are so damn cute. Seriously love the smiles on their faces. How could you be scared with these little cuties.

TV Animation

These are a little random bunch but just as awesome. Funko as added some TV Animation from Bob’s Burger, Ren and Stimpy, and Master of the Universe. We got Pops, Pop Rides, Dorbz and Vinyls. So many to choose from and one of the Pops is scented. That’s right it smells.

Here is how it is reads right from the Funko website:

Pop! TV: Masters of the Universe – Stinkor (Scented)
The “Evil Master of Odors,” Stinkor joins the 2018 SDCC lineup!
The villain from the Masters of the Universe franchise comes
with a special surprise, as this Pop! is scented.
Watch out or this Pop! might make you immobile!

Sounds down right nasty to me but I kinda wanna smell it too.

Stranger Things

These crazy bunch couldn’t be left out of all the SDCC fun. We are getting some season 2 Stranger Things pops and dorbz.


I am a little disappointed in these ones. Not that they aren’t great but I was kinda hoping for some new TV DC pops. Like Supergirl or maybe some Legends of Tomorrow Pops. I mean they did add Constantine to the team. He would have been a great addition. But I do love the Josie the Pussy Cat. She is too cute. The Classic Green Hornet 2 pack is pretty dope!

We also got a rules so to speak on how things are going to go down at the Funko Booth this time around. Still a lottery type system and only one Funko per item. Meaning no buying 3 and 4 of the same item. So that is cool cause less chances of them being sold out so quickly.  Here is the official post if you wanna give it a read.

Be sure to check back with us again for more updates as I am sure then aren’t close to be done just yet.


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