The Walking Dead Casts Ryan Hurst

Ryan Hurst--The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead Casts Former Sons of Anarchy Star Ryan Hurst as Beta


The Whisperers are on their way to The Walking Dead this season, and AMC has found a fan-favorite TV veteran (Ryan Hurst) to portray the group’s most notorious villain.

The Whisperers first appear in Issue 130 of the comics and take survival to a whole new level. Not content to just drench themselves in walker blood to mask themselves like Rick has had to do a few times, the Whisperers actually wear the skin of zombies to really get into it. What’s more, they pretty much live a zombie lifestyle, shambling along in their zombie costumes and scavenging among the undead when they’re not in their camps.

They’re dubbed the Whisperers because some of Rick’s group come back with news that they heard some zombies whispering when in fact it was actually these lunatics talking to each other among other zombies. The leader of the Whisperers is known as Alpha, and there’s a good bet that the series will cast someone with a bigger-than-the-screen presence — and someone who doesn’t mind wearing a zombie’s face — for the juicy role, should the Whisperers actually make it to the show.

A report from The Wrap, states that, former Sons of Anarchy star Ryan Hurst has been tapped to play Beta on The Walking Dead in Season 9. Beta is the second-in-command to Alpha in the Whisperers, and he grows to become a major adversary to the survivors in the comics.

Hurst will be the third member of the Whisperers to join The Walking Dead Season 9. Samantha Morton has joined the show as Alpha, the leader of the group when they cross paths with the Survivors. Cassady McClincy was cast as Lydia, Alpha’s daughter and eventual love interest to Carl in the comics. With Carl off of the show, it’s unclear how Lydia will fit into the TV series.

You may remember Hurst from his starring role in Disney‘s Remember The Titans back in 2001. After appearing in several films in the years that followed, Hurst became a household name with his role on Sons of Anarchy.

The actor appeared in 54 episodes of that amazing series (Sons of Anarchy) before his character, Opie Winston, was  killed off in the middle of Season 5. Hurst went on to appear in 15 episodes of Bates Motel, and landed a starring role in WGN America’s Outsiders. He was recently cast in the upcoming season of Bosch on Amazon Prime.

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