Synopsis: MacGyver Season 3X02: Bravo Lead + Loyalty + Friendship

MacGyver - K9 + Smugglers + New Recruit

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MacGyvering Things8.2
When George Eads cries, I cry. This was a fun and emotional episode.

 MacGyver Season 3X02: Bravo Lead + Loyalty + Friendship

  • MacGyver helps Jack help an old buddy
  • Spoilers
  • Leanna and Riley go undercover
  • Bozer is Batman Beast Boy

Still Reeling from Jill’s Murder

The team returns from Jill’s funeral. Mac(Lucas Till) wants to go after Murdoc(David Dastmalchian), but Matty(Meredith Eaton) tells him that Murdoc could be anywhere, and that now is not the time for revenge.

Jack Gets A Call and Gets the Band(of Brothers) Back Together

One of Jack’s(George Eads) former Delta team members is in trouble. It seems that he is accused of bombing train tracks in a foreign country, and Jack knows it isn’t possible. Hiding the truth from Mac, he heads out to get the old Delta team together to rescue their pal and find out the truth.


Matty has plans for Bozer(Justin Hires), Riley(Tristin Mays), and Leanna(Reign Edwards). She gives them their first mission-to retrieve a phone from a very wealthy man. She dubs them the Teen Titans, after the cartoon series(not the comic) and names are claimed. Bozer is dubbed Beast Boy, but he says he doesn’t watch cartoons. Riiight, Bozer. Bozer stays at command central, the girls go as actresses to a huge party the man is throwing.

Mac And Jack Make Peace

Mac knows what Jack is up to, and insists on going with the old Delta Team. He apologizes to Jack for ignoring him, and the bros make up. It’s a good thing, too. Mac finds out that the team they meet on the ground are double crossing the government(and Jack’s buddy). He tries to warn Jack with Die Hard references, and Jack finally gets it. Just in time, as Jack’s Delta team is attacked. Escaping, they use Mac’s skills to find his old friend, rescue him, and seek shelter.

MacGyver Season 3

If the Iron Eagle soundtrack doesn’t play in your head as you look at this pic, I can’t help you.
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Party People + Leanna the Baby Driver

Using all their skills and Bozer made gadgets, the girls still don’t get the phone. But Bozer sees that trouble is coming in the front door, and gets them(and the man) out the back. Leanna uses some impressive driving skills to dodge the bad guys, and the girls use bargaining skills to get the phone, before Bozer leads them to safety.

Why Jack Did It

Jack is known for not being one to abandon his friends(which is why he was so hurt by Mac’s abandonment), but the reason he felt so indebted to his buddy is revealed.

In an emotional flashback, we see Jack was going through a tough time, and was preparing to commit suicide, when his friend showed up and saved him. Jack never forgot that.

The team is holed up in a cabin, and things don’t look good. But Mac saves the day, and the team are able to take out the double dipping bad guys.

Back home, the Delta team are at Mac’s celebrating, and they make him an honorary member. Matty stops by, and gives Mac a new Swiss Army knife as a welcome back.


George Eads can pull raw emotion from me when his characters get scared or are in grief. Even when he was on CSI, when he cried, I cried.

Jack being afraid of Matty and one of his teammate’s wife is hilarious. There are trigger words for all of them. “Popcorn”.

Great to see Jack and Mac patch things up.

Leanna has a future as a NASCAR driver!

I don’t know all the science-y stuff Bozer was talking about, but I want one of those dresses.

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