Spoiler Free Preview: Good Trouble – The Coterie

Good Trouble - The Coterie

Spoiler Free Preview: Good Trouble – The Coterie


Good Trouble


After the series premiere of Good Trouble this week (and its success) I decided to do a spoiler free preview for the upcoming episode called The Coterie. Continue reading to find out a little more about episode 2 of Good Trouble as well as watching the Promo and see the Promotional Photos.



On the premiere of Good Trouble we saw Gael hooking up with a guy at the end. Callie definitely wasn’t so sure what to think about but at least Mariana wasn’t mad at her anymore for sleeping with him.

In episode 2 we will have an epic Party where Jude attends. Some catching up to do for Mariana AND Callie. To be honest it’s always amazing for me to see how far Jude has come. From the younger brother of Callie whos always afraid and scared of the world to this amazing young man. There are definitely some great moments coming your way while Jude is joining them.

Oh Callie…

As we learned in the first Episode, Callie is working for Judge Willson. Malika and Callie had a short talk about the “Jamal” case in the first episode. And now that Callie is being the clerque for this case she can finally help Jamals family to get justice.

Callie shares a lot with her sister BUT maybe this time she shared a little too much and has to live with the upcoming consequences. Not only will she be in trouble with her new friends but also at work and with her boss.

The tension between Callie and Gael is getting higher and higher. They have a thing for each other if you ask me. Let’s just say it is getting twisted in this new episode.

Mariana, Mariana!

Our dear Mariana still having issues with her boss Alex and her co-workers. She is still feeling like an outsider and she probably won’t make it easier in this episode. But we know Mariana.. she’s always there with a plan to figure things out.

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