Review: Preacher 3X10: “The Light Above”


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Fitting Finale4.1
The Season 3 finale ties up loose ties, but disappoints by bringing in politics and reusing plotlines(How many times can we chain up Cassidy?)

Review: Preacher 3X10: “The Light Above”


  • Season finale
  • Jesse gets revenge
  • Spoilers
  • People die
  • a lot of grandmas
  • Tulip kicks ass
  • Jesse gets revenge, Tulip meets God, Cassidy Meets an Angel?

Fatal Nazi LARP Fight

The bus to hell has upended, flipping on its side. The Nazi tank took it out, and now Nazi LARPers have come for everyone in it. They have weapons, Tulip(Ruth Negga) has a windshield wiper. Guess who wins?

The Saint of Killers(Graham McTavish) fights outside the bus, alongside The Angel of Death(Erinn Ruth), bullets and whip flying, body parts coming at the camera. The battle is short, and the Angel of Death opens her mouth to The Saint about his late family’s eyes. Hint: don’t do that.

The Saint does get sliced in half by the tank in a cool scene, and we see what his breath can do.

The Saint frees Tulip, and after Arseface(Ian Colletti) puts a beatdown on Hitler(Noah Taylor), The Saint takes them both in the bus back to hell.

Jesse Gets Revenge


Jody and Jesse-Final Fight.
Photo credit: AMC

The show has built up to this finale moment. Jesse(Dominic Cooper) getting revenge on the residents of Angelville.

We see in flashbacks the young Jesse(Will Kindrachuk) finding out how ruthless his Gran’Ma(Betty Buckley) is. Young Jesse even crosses paths with current Jesse at a few points.


Young Jesse facing Gran’Ma.
Photo Credit: AMC

He uses The Word on TC(Colin Cunningham), but does not kill him. As Jesse later tells him, “I don’t hate you that much”.

Jesse has The Word, but he wants to kill Jody(Jeremy Childs) the old fashioned way.

With TC now the announcer-hat, “You motherless goat humpers” catchphrase and all- they head to the Tombs. After a brutal fight, Jesse finally bests and kills Jody. The scene is reminiscent to Negan’s treatment of Glenn and Abraham in its gore.

Jesse orders TC to get gasoline, and he sets Jody and the Tombs on fire. TC thinks Jesse is going to kill him, and rather than be free of Angelville when he does not, he chooses death in the fire. Angelville is all he has ever known, TC quietly tells Jesse, and Jesse leaves him to his fate.


Goodbye, TC.
Photo credit: AMC/

The Saint Goes to Hell, and it Breaks Loose

As the Saint returned Hitler and Arseface, A now eyeless Angel of Death wheels his weapons back in, and the devil frees him. But The Saint isn’t done in hell. He kills the devil, getting revenge, and takes Arseface back with him to Earth. Both want Jesse. Hitler takes over, and the Angel of Death gets him a plum cake(extra flaky).

Bye, Gran’Ma

Jesse faces Gran’Ma, using The Word to get his debt and Tulip released from Gran’Ma’s grip. He can’t kill her, though. She made a deal with the devil that will send him to hell if he does. He leaves her alive, and heads out to meet Tulip. But it doesn’t sit right to him, or his past self, and he heads back. Using The Word on Gran’Ma again, she destroys all the souls that Jody and Featherstone(Julie Ann Emery) brought her from Japan, in the fireplace. He straps Gran’Ma to her own machine, draining out her soul, and burns the house down.


Cassidy(Joseph Gilgun) telling the grandma he has to deal with to call Poland last week was the best idea. She realizes Eccarius(Adam Croasdell) has lied, and it will end up biting him in the ass(literally…maybe).

Cassidy is freed by Eccarius from the pool table and to celebrate, he wants to turn someone. Grandma is the chosen one.

Grandma Has Bite

Lying her on the now horizontal pool table, Eccarius and Cassidy make ready to turn her. But to Eccarius’s surprise, there are already bite marks. After finding out the truth, Cassidy turned her, and she in turn turned everyone else. They fall upon Eccarius, destroying him. Grandma asks what they do next as Hoover(Malcolm Barrett) arrives. He gifts Cassidy with an umbrella as he tells him he is ready to embrace the vampire life, but for Cassidy to open the umbrella RIGHT NOW. He has lied, and to get to Cassidy, The Grail LIFTS GRANDMA’S HOUSE OFF OF IT’S BASE TO EXPOSE ALL OTHER VAMPIRES TO THE SUN.

They capture Cassidy, but two vampires have escaped, and tell Tulip(who arrived after a tip from God[Mark Harelik]) what has happened.

Let’s Play Checkers

Tulip meets up with Jesse and they head out to rescue Cassidy. He is chained up at a Grail HQ, and above him, chained up as well is…an angel.

Herr Starr(Pip Torrens) is ready to take Jesse out, and as he casually removes Hoover’s hat, killing the poor guy in the sun, the camera pulls back and shows he has amassed an army to take Jesse down.


Bye, Hoover.
Photo credit: AMC

Thoughts on the Season Finale

Ruth Negga’s Tulip whipping up guys with a windshield wiper was cool.

RIP, Hoover. Poor guy! I hope he really survives somehow.

Damn, Colin Cunningham. Just a beautiful performance by a character he brought a sinister innocence to. I loved his performance of a character that is a complete pervert in the comic.

Roaming Humperdoos as the house was lifted into the sky was a nice touch. Probably the only two left, lol.

I like this show, I really do. But they had to bring politics into it, making a Nazi LARPer wear a MAGA hat. That has soured me quite a bit on this show. It was unnecessary, forced and unfunny, taking this viewer out of the show and wondering who thought it was okay to do something that would alienate a nice chunk of viewers.


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