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Outlander S04 EP04: Common Ground - Having been led by providence to Fraser's Ridge, Jamie, Claire and Young Ian begin to build a home in the Blue Ridge Mountains. In the 20th Century, Roger tries to reconnect with Brianna.
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OutlanderCommon Ground, Review

This fourth season of Outlander has been super exciting, and we are only on episode four. Outlander – Common Ground brings Roger (Richard Rankin) and Brianna (Sophie Skelton) back to us and we continue the journey with Jamie (Sam Heughan), Claire (Caitriona Balfe) and Young Ian (John Bell).

Outlander – Common Ground Synopsis:

Having been led by providence to Fraser’s Ridge, Jamie, Claire and Young Ian begin to build a home in the Blue Ridge Mountains. In the 20th Century, Roger tries to reconnect with Brianna.

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Roger has some back-peddling to do to get back on Brianna’s good side, after that awful (in Bree’s eyes) proposal. Bree can’t marry Roger because she doesn’t want to make the same mistake as her mother, so naturally Roger needs to prove that true love exists and that Jamie and Claire are reunited, again.

The awkwardness, tenderness and love between Bree and Roger when they talk on the phone is executed brilliantly by Richard and Sophie. There is a connection between Bree and Roger that is undeniable, I mean who else can understand about a time traveling mom and a highlander warrior father than Roger?!?

Roger finds out, and not by looking too hard, that Claire and Jamie did reunite and found Fraser’s Ridge. Coincidentally it was the very mountain that Roger proposed to Bree on, at the Highland Games. I mean come on, Roger and Bree, travelled on the same roads that her mum and dad did.

Back in the 1700s Jamie made a potential pack with the devil, as he signed the deed for the land, 10,000 acres to be exact,  from Governor Tryon (Tim Downie) that will become Fraser’s Ridge. Young Ian, Jamie and Claire meet the locals, and find out about the legends and ways from John Quincy Meyers (Kyle Rees). The look of satisfaction on Ian and Jamie’s face as they build the cabin, was amazing. I mean we buy things, and they had to chop down trees and build it all with the bare hands, it was captured beautifully on screen. Jamie gets nickname from the locals when he kills a bear, ‘Bear Killer’. All in a days work for the Scottish Highlander right?

Back in the present with Roger, he goes to see Fiona Graham (Iona Claire) to get the rest of his things from the house. Fiona always seemed to have a crush on Roger, but turns out she is his best confidant and ally. Fiona admits her overheard, Claire, Bree and Roger talking about Jamie Fraser and going through the stones and back in time. It was beyond cute when Fi calls Roger out on knowing and he tries to play it off, as if he knows nothing of what she is saying. The banter is cute and it seems as if Roger misses something Fiona says,”my gran used to dance at those stones and known about people who have gone missing…”

Did Fiona admit her gran knew about travel? Was she a traveler? What did Fiona know about traveling? The only thing Fiona knew was to drop a bomb on Roger about Jamie and Claire. She found an article that of course she had to show Roger about Claire and Jamie dying. She had a copy of their obituaries. The date was blurred, but there is a window of time, and Fi thinks Roger has to tell Bree.

The Outlander – Common Ground episode ended abruptly after that and left me with my mouth gapping open and screaming at the screen. I mean, Roger always has to to do the right thing, it’s his studious side after all, but I don’t think he expected to hear what he heard from Bree’s roomie Gayle (Simona Brown), “Bree’s in Scotland, been there about two weeks, she went to see her mother.” SHUT THE FRONT DOOR.. her mother, Scotland….(fades to black)…

Well we all know that Claire isn’t in Scotland, and she isn’t in this time, which means only ONE THING.. Stayed tuned for more…

Things That Make You Go Hmmm

  • What else does Fiona know about the stones
  • What does Brianna going to Scotland really mean
  • How will Claire and Jamie get all the tenants they need knowing they all don’t qualify under the governor’s rules
  • When will we see Marsali (Lauren Lyle) and Fergus (César Domboy) again? Will she have had the baby already?
  •  Will Roger try to find Brianna
  • Did Bree go back in time

The list of questions can go on and on and on. I am sure we will learn more, or hopefully will in Outlander – #Savages episode five airing December 2nd.

Claire’s medical expertise proves invaluable for a family of German settlers, but she begins to fear for her life when tragedy strikes her patients’ household. Jamie and Young Ian travel to a nearby town to recruit settlers for Fraser’s Ridge, but find their progress hindered by a burgeoning political movement.

What are your thoughts on this week’s Outlander – Savages? Let us know all your thoughts in the comments below.

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