Review: MacGyver 3X07 “Scavengers+Hard Drive+Dragonfly”

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A great story with a lot of heart, and one that calls attention to the need to recycle.

Review: MacGyver 3X07 “Scavengers+Hard Drive+Dragonfly

  • A trip to Africa turns even more dangerous when children become involved
  • Spoilers

Matty(Meredith Eaton) is all dolled up at a party she doesn’t want to be at. A slimy politician finds her, and tells her that there are some unsavory pictures of him that need recovering. Matty doesn’t give two shits about this blackmail, until he tells her that the computer that contained the photos contains the mysterious “Dragonfly” file. Matty immediately calls the crew, and the hard drive is traced to Ghana.

Computer Remains Down in Africa

MacGyver Dragonfly

Riley, Bozer, and Abina.
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The group stakeout a bank, knowing that the politician’s payoff to the blackmail leads there. Finally, a figure shows up to pickup the money. Chasing them down, they find it is a young girl, Abina(Joy Sunday). She reveals that the hard drive they want is in a salvage yard. She also reveals that the salvage yard is worked by children. They are enslaved by the cruel Joseph(Jimmy Akingbola). Abina will help them recover the Firefly file under one condition: they take her back to America. They agree, and she shows them where the hard drive with the Dragonfly file is being kept. Unfortunately, it is the fortress Joseph calls home.

Sneaking In the Compound

MacGyver(Lucas Till), Jack(George Eads), and Bozer(Justin Hires) split up, quietly searching room to room. Joseph’s security crew finds them just as MacGyver finds the Dragonfly file drive. They find an escape route via MacGyver’s MacGyveryness, and they get away with Riley(Tristen Mays) and Abina.

It’s Not Over Yet

Thinking they are free and that the Dragonfly file is secure, the group works on getting Abina clearance to get to America. Celebrating comes too soon, as Joseph contacts them, ultimately revealing that he is holding all of the other children hostage. Abina must return the hard drive, or the children die.

Overthrowing the Bad Guys

Jack takes out several of Joseph’s baddies. Joseph is finally taken down. The children are free. Riley tells Abina it is time to go. Abina, however, decides to stay in Ghana. The children in Ghana need her guidance, and she stays to keep another Joseph from taking over. Phoenix, however, helps them get better housing and living conditions.

What is Dragonfly?

We finally see what Dragonfly is: an old message from a deep undercover agent- Matty’s heretofore unknown husband.



The salvage yards in places like Ghana are toxic, and real. Recycle those PCs. A quick internet search can direct you to the nearest place or church group, etc., that will take them.

Jack getting upset at the kids’ living conditions seemed so real and touched me.

I hope we see Abina again! Loved her.

Riley getting excited at Abina’s chopped laptop was so sweet. No jealousy, no criticizing. Just admiration.

Matty’s face while viewing the Dragonfly file. Meredith is brilliant.

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