Music Monday: I Hate It But Love It

I Hate It

I Hate It But Love It

I Hate It


I am a lover of all kinds of music. But let’s be honest, you can’t love everything. I have some strong feelings about some music or maybe its more about the artist that performs the music. Needless to say I have some music on my playlist by artist that I really don’t like but I love one song by them. I have a strong hate for a few of these artists, like really strong. Wishing I could get on board with some of these artist, but I can’t. I really don’t like them. Maybe cause their songs are catchy or more I love the lyrics of these songs, I don’t know.

As always my music loves are all over the places as with my hate to love choices as well. I just hope you are still with me at the end. Hopefully I didn’t just bash any of my one or two readers favorites.


First up is the Backstreet Boys, I have never been a fan of these guys. I admit to knowing a lot of their songs. But honestly, I can’t stand them. They have one song that wasn’t even a very popular one and its a remix verse of the song…..LOVE IT. Seriously if more of their songs were like this one I would be a fan.

Love this damn song so much, really wish I didn’t but I do. I know all the words and I still blast it from time to time. But you asked me if I am fan I will tell you HELL NO.

Queen B

I know, I know I am gonna get shit for this one, but I do not like Beyoncé. I haven’t liked her since she went solo. I wish I could pinpoint it but I can’t. She is uber talented and is an amazing performer but I can’t stand her. Now this song by her though, is one the best. I truly believe I like it for the lyrics and it makes me think of a certain fanfic, but either way, love this song just don’t like her.

I just feel like this a song that a book or short story could be wrote about. It makes so many plot bunnies in my head.


This boy got so many issues and yet he is beyond talented. I can’t stand his music and we won’t even get into some of his life choices. His fashion sense alone could be a whole blog post. Since I don’t talk fashion I am gonna keep my mouth shut on that one. I only like one song by this boy and it too is cause of the lyrics.

I just love this song. I wish he wasn’t so annoying, so I could like him, but no such luck.

 Brit Brit

Where to start on this one. She is talented. She is a great dancer. But I can’t stand her. Worse part is she has song really catchy and so damn popular but I can’t, I just can’t. I can honestly say this is the only song by her that I own. I know a lot of her songs, but this is the only one I paid for.

There is only one other song of hers that I love and that is it. I don’t own this one though. I love it for the lyrics.


This chick bugs me to know end and I will never be a fan. However, this damn song is beyond catchy and I can’t help but sing a long whenever I hear it. Again, she is a talented performer and has amazing song writer skills, but nope she will never be in my playlist.

It helps that the video for this one is really funny too but yeah still not a fan.

I am just gonna stop myself there cause I feel like I have already embarrassed myself enough already. Do you have any songs you love by artists you hate? Let me know below. Catch you on the B-side.

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