MacGyver 3X09 Synopsis: Specimen 234+PAPR+Outbreak


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Another episode that would make a great jumping on point for new viewers. Great action and classic MacGyver.

MacGyver 3X09: Specimen 234+PAPR+Outbreak

Mac and the gang race against time to stop a deadly virus from spreading worldwide, wiping out 99% of the planet



There’s a dog just offscreen that is as cute as a button.
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A Deadly Virus is Loose

MacGyver(Lucas Till), Bozer(Justin Hires) and Jack(George Eads) are sent to a facility where a vial containing a deadly virus has gone missing. At first, the director thinks it is misplaced, but Mac soon shows her how it could have been slipped out. This is bad news, as the vial contains specimen 234, a virus capable of wiping out mankind.

Using the security cameras, they find the culprit. But where is he, why did he take it, and is it already too late?

Fifty Shades of(Walter) White

The trio are led to an RV, where Jack is starting to be convinced he has the virus every few seconds. They find partially burned documents, and a video that gives them the clues they need to find the doctor that stole the virus. In the video, he injects himself with the virus. It is now a race against time to capture him before he becomes contagious.

Riley and Billy on a Road Trip

Riley(Tristin Mays) and boyfriend Billy Colton(Lance Gross) are on a trip. Billy is surprising her, but she has no clue as to what. The destination, and the discussion they have on the trip really flesh the two out, and show that Billy is a great guy and a keeper.

Time is Almost Up

The doctor has disguised himself as a photographer to gain entry to an event to kill the man that killed his brother. Having a Mentos moment, Mac, Jack, and Bozer get in to the event. They must sedate the doctor, which means the chance of contracting the deadly virus. Mac finds him while Jack creates a diversion. Using a plastic photographer’s tarp, Mac wraps up and sedates the dying doctor. Researching the doctor’s target, they find that he was part of a coverup and indeed a very evil man.

You do not have the virus, Jack

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Thoughts on the episode:

I am going to miss George Eads. He is leaving MacGyver and his last ep will be in 2019. He brings heart to every character he plays.

I really love Billy and Riley; I wonder if Billy is slated to replace Jack as Mac’s muscle. The only problem with their heart to heart was that Jack raised Riley when her father did not. Jack will always be more of a father to Riley. Yes, George is being written out, but that part of the show’s mythology is pretty fixed.

I love the show’s “cold” openings. They are always fun and get you interested in the show immediately.

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