Hottie of the Week – Kyle Gallner

Hottie of the WeekKyle Gallner

Welcome back fangirls and boys to another instalment of Hottie of the Week. It’s a little over 2 weeks to go until the brilliant Outsiders returns on WGN America, so we are again picking a Farrell Hottie! This week sees the turn of one Kyle Gallner, aka Hasil Farrell.


Kyle first ran into my heart when he played Bart Allen, AKA Impulse (AKA The Flash) on Smallville.


He had this irrepressible charm, he was a brat but you couldn’t help but love him. As well as appearing around Metropolis and Smallville, Kyle also had a short but intense arc on CSI NY and that’s probably where the love really began to grow.

Appropriately enough, given it’s Friday the 13th today, Kyle has also had roles in a bunch of horror movies, from The Haunting in Connecticut to The Nightmare on Elm Street reboot. One of my faves though is his goth/emo turn as Colin in Jennifer’s Body.



Now back to the mountain…


Dayum…where was I?

Oh yeah! Hasil! This kilt-wearing, romantic little badass snuck straight into everyone’s hearts when he began wooing townie Sally-Anne back in season 1.


And thanks to Sasil (as the ship is known) we’ve gotten to see rather a lot of Kyle…and I don’t mean just screentime. Hasil spent good portions of last season butt nekkid and he’s come a long way from being that scrappy kid on Smallville!


It also seems like he’s done a fair amount of his own stunt work this season. A few months back Kyle tweeted this

OUCH! Volunteers to kiss that booboo better?

Ooh yeah, his socials! Kyle can be followed on twitter (above) and instagram, where you can see some adorable pics of his fam and his puppies!

So that’s it from this Hottie of the Week. Next week will see our final Outsiders Hottie before season 2 premieres. I’m gonna leave you a little hint as to who it might be…


See you next time FANdemaniacs!


Kyle Gallner

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