Funko is Taking Over NYCC 2018

New York Comic Con


Funko is Taking Over

It is that time of year again, Funko is taking over NYCC 2018. I thought Funko couldn’t top all the amazing pop releases from SDCC, but I was wrong. The DC Comic pops release for NYCC is just blowing my mind. Let me not get ahead of myself here. Here is the complete list so far of what is coming to NYCC.

DC Comics

They have blown my mind with this reveal. I pretty much need all of them,  but most of all I need ALL THE SUPERMAN. I love all things Supes aka Superman. You can find me carrying at least 2 pops cause you never know when you might need to take a picture. But seriously Supes and Flash racing each other, total must have. Then they had to add a 3 pack of chrome Supes. Great Job Funko….just take my money.

They also have a chrome Batman, but who really likes Batman anyways. haha


This is a fun batch. We not only have some new pops, but we also have some 2 pack vinyls. I am a huge pop fan, but these new vinyls are starting to grown on me. We have some 80’s movie gems in Coming to America and Gremlins. Both are equally cute and fun. I might have to add to my collection.


I don’t know much about anime, but this Skull in a purple dress robe thingie will be mine…cause HELLO IT’S PURPLE and a skull.



With Mickey Mouse‘s 90th birthday around the corner of course Funko has to make a few more Mickey pops. But to me the best one is the Pizza Port Truck. It is too damn cute and a little Buzz driving it. Just perfect.


Well I am sure I don’t have to say which ones I will get getting out of this bunch. That’s right Supergirl and Killer Frost. They are both epic.  Also they had to have a Rick and Morty pop or they might have been mobbed.


These take me back to when I used to watch Saturday morning cartoons.  I love the Shark. I don’t wanna have them but I wanna have them all.


These Marvel’s are just as amazing as the DC. I swear just when I think they can’t top themselves, they do.


Game of Thrones

Even though we are still waiting on the last season of GOT, Funko gives us these amazing pops to add to our already huge GOT collection. Hello flaming sword!!!

Harry Potter Reveals

Love Love Love me some Harry Potter pops and these are amazing. I’m loving all the creatures from Fantastic Beasts.


What a perfect place to release a Biggie pop. NYC was his home and they love him there. He is too damn cute. I believe there are 3 different Biggie pops but this one is just for NYCC.


We are still 2 short weeks away from the con, but I am sure we will have some more releases to come. Do you have any favorites so far? Let me know below.







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