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Chaotic Flux

The best thing about starting to do comic reviews for FANdemonium Network has been the sheer quality of the indie work I see. When Chaotic Flux landed in my inbox I knew within the first couple of pages that I was going to enjoy it.


Chaotic Flux is a dark, mature rated, Sci-Fi, horror, fantasy, action, adventure, and drama series. Written by Scott Payne with art from Brian Balondo, colours by Bryan Arfel Magnaye and lettering by Matt Bowers, it’s an independent, creator-owned, on-going series.

In the distant future, an exosuit pilot must unite a ragtag group of very unique warriors to save dying earth from a plague of mutant abominations and a genocidal dark entity born of the hatred of all humankind.

The title refers to a sudden or abrupt unnatural event causing massive imbalance to an entire ecosystem.

In terms of the comic that unnatural event is the arrival of the dreadfiends. These horrific creatures are highly adaptable and like nothing more than noisily, and disgustingly devouring the human race.

The Review


Given that this is only the first issue, there’s a good sized dollop of set-up and exposition that needs to be gotten out of the way. But they don’t give you everything right off the bat. I do love a story that hurls you in to the middle of an ongoing situation right at the very start, although preferably not one that doesn’t then give you some clue as to what is going on. Payne handles this well. A nice flashback sequence fleshes out one of the main characters, Zithara, while still moving the story forward. I’m hoping that in future issues to come we will get to learn more about the other members of the team, and how they came together as defenders of what remains of humanity.


It was the art samples in the email I received that immediately grabbed my attention. Seriously, look at this!


I just shared a page or two with Angel, another writer here at FANdemonium Towers with the comment, “even in the horrific, gooey, monsters-chomping-humans stuff it’s just so…pretty” . She was fairly emphatic in her agreement. There were even gifs. I don’t think this art would look out of place in a book from one of the Big 2. I’m really excited to see more of Strife, the team’s giant multi-functional mech, and team leader Sorin’s exo-suit. Roll on issue 2 I say!

Where can you get it?

If you want to check out the first ten pages of the comic and see for yourself then you can head over to the Sharp Edge Comics facebook page and download them for free. You can also follow @FluxChaotic on twitter for more. The full comic is due to launch in late February or early March. Keep your eyes peeled as there will be an indie-go-go campaign launching in January to help cover printing costs.

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Clare Hemsworth

Hey, I'm Clare, aka Ciara or C. My current fandoms are The Originals, Shadowhunters and Blindspot, along with a bunch of other stuff I tend to let build up and then binge! I'm a keen, albeit amateur, cosplayer and love attending cons in various cosplays. I'm also the resident comic book girl around these parts, especially small press comics, so if you've got an indie book you want reviewed, I'm your gal! When I'm not doing the fangirl thing I am a keen long-distance hiker, having completed Te Araroa in New Zealand and The Pacific Crest Trail on the West Coast of the US.


  1. Scott Payne 9 January, 2019 at 11:40 Reply

    Thank you so much Clare for making this review for us. It is GREALY appreciated. We are also so thrilled that you enjoyed reading it so much. And yes, there is so much more to come in this series, with huge surprises. I cannot wait to get it all out and into everyone’s hands.

    • Clare Hemsworth 9 January, 2019 at 11:47 Reply

      Thanks for giving me the opportunity Scott, it was a cracking comic to read. I hope this brings you lots of support when the comic is released!

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