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King of Pop

King Of Pop

The King of Pop would have been 60 years old last week. I can’t believe that one, he would have been that old, and two, that he has been gone 9 years already. Micheal Jackson passed away June 25, 2009. I remember right where I was when he died. It’s one of those things you will always remember. I just remember sitting there at the computer center and thinking this can’t be true. No way he is gone. I have only cried real tears for a few celebrities when they have passed away. Chester from Linkin Park, Prince and Michael Jackson. Some of the biggest musical influences in my life.

My Favorites

Since its was his birthday, why not share some of my favorite songs and videos by the King of Pop. When it comes to my favorite songs of his I am all over the place. I like most of his older stuff, like back in the 70s and 80s, but some of the newer ones are good too.


First up is my all time favorite song and whenever I hear this I just wanna dance and sing. I don’t know what it is about this song but it just gets me deep down in my musical soul. Even though it is technically a Jackson’s song and not a solo MJ song. It’s still him, so whatever hahaha.

Another oldie but a goody is this next one. It also makes me want to dance. I love to dance and MJ was not only the King of Pop, he was also an amazing dancer. So it makes sense that he would make great dance music.

He didn’t have a lot of songs on movie soundtracks but for some reason this one is on my favorite list. I wonder if all folks even know he was on this soundtrack. Sidenote NKOTB is on this soundtrack too.

So many amazing duets and this one tops my list. It just makes me wanna sing a long.

Another duet is this one with Janet. It is just such a great angry song and I also love that Michael says a bad word in this song.

I have always wanted a man to call me a P.Y.T. sadly I am not young anymore but I can still dream and pretend to be one every time I hear this song.

I still can’t wear high can’t wear high heels but I still wanted to be a “pretty baby with my high heels on” do you think he would settle for my sneakers? haha


This has to be one of the most epic music videos that he ever did next to Thriller. It was such a beautiful video that embraced so much greatness and MJ of course dances his ass off.

Since I said it, I now have to add it to the list. Thriller is hands down one of the best music videos ever made. There have been great ones, but nothing as great as Thriller.

I know he has the oddest marriage of all times and putting her in the video naked only makes this even more odd, but the lyrics to this song are so damn beautiful. It always makes me think of members of the armed forces and how they are always away on deployment or war and their family is at home waiting for them. And all the letters they write to them and pictures they send, reminding them they are not alone.

This song still makes me tear up to this day. It is my all time favorite song by him. It just speaks to me. I get Michael. I get it! This song makes me wanna be a better person. Makes me wanna do more for myself and for the world. And I feel like this message still rings true especially today with the way our world is. I could go on and on but just sit back and listen to what he is saying. Michael took me to church with this song. I feel it. Can you feel it too? I still get chills.

Happy 60th Birthday Michael Jackson. Thank you for all of your amazing music. Thank you for being you. We miss you but your music will live on forever.





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