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When T-Bag ambushes Sara, he warns her that two of Poseidon's henchmen, Van Gogh and A&W, may be following her. Meanwhile, Lincoln attempts to retrieve his confiscated passport to escape Yemen, and Michael plans his next move.

Review of Prison Break – The Liar Episode 3

This mini season of Prison Break is not disappointing. It’s holding true to form, with action, and wonder, and of course lots of questions. This week’s episode of Prison Break – The Liar, Michael (Wentworth Miller) seems to drop a few hints, and says things that make us say, “did you hear him say that too?”

Michael and his merry men are breaking out this episode. The Sheik of Light has been saved, the signal was sent, so it’s time.

As we know from past episodes of Prison Break, nothing is ever as it seems.

The tension ratchets up in Ogygia ahead of Michael’s break; savage fundamentalist Abu Ramal (Numan Acar) attempts to institute Sharia Law; a former cellmate of Michael’s throws a wrench in the works; and an agitated Whip (Augustus Prew) begins to question Michael’s friendship (can’t blame him, the guy is trying to break a terrorist out of prison).

Prison Break - The Liar

Augustus Prew (Whip) and Wentworth Miller (Michael) “The Liar” episode of PRISON BREAK. CR: FOX. © 2017 FOX Broadcasting Co.

The central prison scenes are on point and where it’s at as always, and actually daring to develop Michael and his inmates as real people.

The questions about Michael’s (or should we say, Kaniel’s) allegiances have been kinda transparent from the start, and we finally get to see them quickly dealt with head-on here, yet we also get to see a more tortured and put-upon Michael emerge than we’ve arguably ever seen before when he’s backed into a corner during the final escape.

Oh Sara…

Sara (Sarah Wayne Callies) ends up taking her hacked phone to an electronics store in order to deduce the origin of the hack, a plan that even her husband Jacob (Mark Feuerstein) hilariously later describes as a “hackneyed attempt at counter-espionage”. But of course, this was really just a clever ruse by Sara to lure pursuing rent-a-thug assassins to her location, apparently with little care about what they might or might not do to the poor store clerk.

Sara ultimately finds out that she was the one hacking herself, with her own thumb print allowing access. Cue thoughts of her visit to Kellerman (Paul Adelstein) insisting she use a glass.

Good thing for crazies, because without them, we wouldn’t have T-Bag (Robert Knepper) popping up. T-Bag showed up at the hospital to let Sara know he knows about Michael aka Kaniel Outis. Sara was visibly shaken up, but just let it go, or did she?

Heeding Michael’s words, “keep everyone safe there is a storm coming,” when Jacob is released from the hospital, they get away to her in-laws.

Back in Yemen

Linc (Dominic Purcell) and Sheba (Inbar Lavi) attempt to secure him and Michael passports, but of course, nothing is ever simple in the world of Prison Break, and a resulting suspense sequence once again nods towards an unnecessary romance between the two. We do see a softer side of Lincoln that we don’t often see.He has to rescue Sheba from Cyclops. It seems he is a hero after all.

What About T-Bag

T-Bag is back for a brief spell, showing up to get re-acquainted with Sara (after the bathroom assault), who asks T-Bag if he can go the distance with helping her, setting him up to retort with the gloriously dumb, Breaking Bad one-liner, “I am the distance.”

Momentum for sure picks up during the climactic prison break, and though intermittently capturing some of the original series’ tension, it did come out a little too predictable at times.

Sara… I’m putting you in danger by saying this, but maybe it doesn’t matter because I’ll be dead, and they’ll leave you alone. But I love you. You see, I loved you. I never stopped loving you. This whole lie, it was for you. Sara, if I… if I do die, don’t let them put Kaniel Outis on the headstone because that’s never what it was. Make them put my real name, the man I have always been. Michael Scofield. – [Recording video on cell phone]  Michael

The first third of Prison Break‘s fifth season sees it returning to square one with the action and suspense around every corner. There are a few tantalizing teases towards the wider mystery – the repeated mention of a shadowy figure named Poseidon, and Kellerman having a link to it all.

Thoughts And Questions Oh My of Prison Break – The Liar

  • Who is Michael really working for and why is he breaking a terrorist out of prison
  • How long has he known Whip (one instance the relationship seems knew, the next has Whip talking about other breakouts they did together)
  • Who is Poseidon
  • What reason would Michael pay for T-Bag’s robot hand
  • Why did would be assassins not kill Jacob, what’s his purpose in all this


Here’s hoping we get some of these questions answered in next week’s Prison Break. How did you like this weeks episode Prison Break – The Liar? Let us know in the comments below.

Prison Break airs Tuesday nights at 9/8c on Fox. Don’t forget to use the official hashtag #PrisonBreak

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