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Conditions on the mountain force the Farrells to make their presence felt in town.

Find Out What The Farrells Are Up To In This Weeks Outsiders – The Run

*Warning: This article contains spoilers from tonights episode ofOutsiders. Read at your own risk.

Just when I think that the writers of Outsiders can’t outdo previous weeks and shock me, they do it, and do it big. This week’s episode, Outsiders -The Run, had me sitting at the edge of my seat and just waiting for something huge to happen and it didn’t disappoint.

So Wade (Thomas M. Wright) has a girlfriend Dana Miller (Amanda Brooks), and he is beyond awkward and adorable about it. I am so excited about this. We finally get to see a sweet side to Wade, and let’s face he, he needs some good in his life. It’s so cute, that he goes and checks on her and to see if everything was good and alright. Even cuter is Dana, asking to come into her place to check out the loud noises coming from her bedroom, “official police business.”

Haylie (Francie Swift) escapes the Farrells, not too sure if they even noticed or cared. Haylie completely appalled by what she saw up the mountain, left, but armed herself with water and soil samples. Naturally she headed straight for the office and confronted Matt Myers (James McCauley) about her findings. He wasn’t too pleased, but more or less was telling her she was crazy and not making any sense. He never did deny it, but kept circling around like a slippery politician. When finally leaving, Haylie was stopped by the sheriff, after all she was a missing person. Wade insistent on talking to her, and Haylie insistent on taking a shower. Guess who won that argument? 

Back up on the mountain

The Farrells are running out of options, they need to do down the mountain. The Bre’in, G’Win (Gillian Alexy) wants to bring the truth and the story to the people and spread the word. I think G’Win enjoyed having Hallie on the mountain and her technology. G’Win wants to bring the Farrells story to the masses and also get what’s coming to them.

Outsiders - The RunI have to say, having G’Win as the diversion walking like a Mother Nature, down the streets of town leading the people, just looked and felt right. I know she was the diversion so that Big Foster (David Morse) and the men can, take all the water and grain they can get their hands on, but she pulled it off big. The only one missing from town festivities was Lil Foster (Ryan Hurst).

Foster knows G’Win is having his baby. He also knows he wants nothing to do with his Fa and if that means going against the clan, then he will. I can’t believe that they expected him to go down. They just broke him out of jail, he goes down and gets caught it’s over for him. But G’Win not caring or just naive wants him with his kin.

The Hasil And Sally-Ann Saga Continues

Don’t get me wrong, I love Sasil. Hasil (Kyle Gallner) and Sally-Ann (Christina Jackson) are so cute. They are trying to beat the odds and let’s be honest Love Is Love Is Love. Sally-Ann is not happy about Hasil fighting, but it’s bringing in the money, and she knows he’s the best there is, counts his winnings and he’s gotten gypped. Don’t mess with Sally-Ann she’s taking names and getting what’s owed to them. That brings them over to Butch (Barret Hackney) and Frida’s (Eve Lindley) place. Now, I am not saying Hasil is slow, but let’s say Sally-Ann can smell a bullshit artist from a mile away. Butch has been holding out, I am not that shocked but Hasil is, “I thought you were my friend.” So Butch is out Sally-Ann is the manager. 

The Internal Turmoil Of Lil Foster

Lil Foster I think is the most complex character we have on Outsiders. We really see how deep and complex he is in this episode Outsiders – The Run. He wants to help his kin, but he doesn’t want to go down the mountain. I think he is the only one that understands why he can’t. He had his fill of the tent of ecstasy, and is ready to move on. I don’t think the ladies he was entertaining in the tent will understand, but he’s got his breath back and is ready to become part of the clan again.

I don’t think he is sure if he moving on from all his trysts because of the baby, or because of G’Win or maybe both. He needs to separate himself from all the decadence to see what is what. She is married to his Fa, but I don’t think he cares anymore.

The inner demons win out ultimately and we see Foster, on the most amazing and fitting bike for him, head down the mountain. I don’t think the timing could have been more perfect. Foster finds his dad, just as our lovable sheriff has a gun on him.

While G’Win entertained the townies, the men were looting, and it was time for them to go when the sheriff set his eyes on Big Foster. Wade knew he was the one that killed his brother-in-law, he may be slow to figure it out, but he sure did. Foster wasn’t going to go, forget quietly or otherwise, he wasn’t going to be caged as his son was. That’s where lil Foster comes in, swooping in to save the day.

Once again, Lil Foster was dealing with his inner demons about his dad. Wade let’s lil Foster know that it was his idea to break him out, and he should go and let him have his dad. Lil Foster said, “I’ve wanted him dead since I was a kid.” Big Foster, with hands raised, slowly begins walking towards his son, as the sheriff keeps warning, I will shoot if you move.

The only shot that day was the sheriff’s pride maybe. He being the good man that he is, or not want any retaliation let’s them both go. But not before he shot his gun in the air. I swear I jumped out of my skin for the brief moment before the showed Foster again.

What’s Going On With Haylie?

Haylie was calling far and wide all day, not sure if she got the shower in at all, to find someone any lab that would run testing on the specimens she was holding on to for dear life. While she was making the calls who shows up at her hotel, Matt. Tossing his keys on the table near the door as he enters, his claims, he’s worried about Haylie’s well being. Mr. generous is willing to pay for a trip for her and her son. Umm.. where did this all come from? Haylie can clearly see through his charade and gets him out of the room. Not before he swipes something, a key maybe, from the table along with his keys.

Haylie sensed something, she dumped out all the pepper and salt from the room service cart. Added her pepper, the soil sample, and water to the containers and hid them in plain sight as part of the room.

Let me just say this, that was not going to end well.

The final scene, of Outsiders – The Run, shows how desperate the coal people and Matt are, Haylie is dead, hanging from her shower.

Questions & Thoughts

  • Did Matt do his own dirty work and kill Haylie
  • Did Haylie kill herself
  • Will Wade find the samples and bring down the coal company and Matt
  • What will happen to Hasil, now that he’s acclimating to town life
  • When will Sally-Ann find out what’s she having
  • Will Butch somehow double cross Hasil and Sally-Ann
  • What will happen to the Farrells when this run of food and water runs out

With only two episodes left I hope we get some answers before we have more questions. Make sure you are following us on twitter @FANdemoniumNet every Tuesday at 9pm ET/8CT as we live tweet Outsiders. #OutsidersWGN #GedGedYah

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