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Outsiders -What Must Be Done S02E01210

Season 2 Episode 12 Outsiders – What Must Be Done

With just one more episode left in the season (and sadly the series), it seems like the pulled out all the stops for Outsiders – What Must Be Done. We had drama, suspense and a sheriff that is playing detective. I am really sad that the season is coming to an end and the series is abruptly ending (more details on what we can to come in a later post).
Last week, we saw Haylie Grimes (Francie Swift) get killed off, I am convinced it was by the hands of Matt Meyers (James McCauley), and you won’t convince me otherwise. This week, we find Sheriff Wade Houghton (Thomas M. Wright) taking his job very serious and being a detective. He saw Haylie and she seemed fine, he is not going to stop till he gets to the bottom of. He went to the coroner’s office asking very official questions, he even questioned Matt and his group of cronies. Wade is finally in a good place. Not believing a word that Matt said, about having no idea about the water and soil samples, Wade set out to find them.

Haylie sadly probably knew something was going to happen, well maybe not death, but she made sure to hide those samples. Wade found them, got them tested the soil sample contained a form of Agent Orange. Agent Orange was used during the Vietnam War, but this version is a little different. Lasts in the soil for at least 10 years and god knows what else. Detective Wade didn’t stop there, he stole Haylie’s cell phone from lock up and broke into it, and saw all those horrible pictures from the mountain.

Speaking Of The Mountain

Good ol’ Gordon (Adam David Thompson) is back. He seemed to have vanished after he and Haylie hooked up. We know why he did what he did, but the why he is back and what he’s up to is downright creepy and very backstabby (yes that’s a new word now). So Matt and his boys, basically kidnapped Gordo to blackmail him into getting in with the Farrells. Matt wants them gone, and Gordo doesn’t want to go to jail, so a hiking up the mountain he went.

Gordon convinced Big Foster (David Morse) that he can help them. Get the dynamite and blow up all the toys that the oil company wants to send up the mountain. Great plan, er, sort of.

Gordon seemed like he was with the Farrells evening chanting GedGedYah, but after the heist, went back to Matt and told him the plan. If the Farrells are caught with the dynamite and blowing up things, it could be an act of terrorism. Bye bye Farrells for good.

Sasil Forever An Ever

The couple that fights together, stays together. No the happy couple isn’t fighting, well Hasil (Kyle Gallner) is and Sally-Ann (Christina Jackson) well she is his manager. With all the extra policing in town (the state police and barricades have arrived) the fighting has moved out of town.

Butch (Barret Hackney) to the rescue. Butch came to his senses and apologized to our love birds and as a thank you loaned them his car. Butch also started to train Hasil for his big fight. After taking a look at the video of the man he was going to fight, Hasil told Butch to bet on his opponent.

Hasil doesn’t fair well in this fight and that is putting it mildly. He got cold cocked knocked out. There was a silver lining. Butch came over and checked on his friend. This time Butch brought his A-game, dropped $11,000 on the table. That’s right, Butch bet on the other guy, and it paid off, and he gave our couple their share.

What will they do with all that money, no one knows. Sally-Ann has plans a car for one, that’s needed of course, and the baby is on the way. Thank heavens Butch listened.

Questions, Thoughts, From Outsiders – What Must Be Done

  • Why does everyone see Elon
  • Will Lil Foster’s (Ryan Hurst) dream come true
  • Will Gordon double cross the Ferrells
  • What will Wade do now that he knows what’s happening on the mountain
  • Is Matt untouchable
  • Will Hasil help his family

So many questions and so little time. What do you think will happen on next week’s Outsider season finale? let us know in the comments below.

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