Name: Katie
Twitter: @srb0718
Birthday: July 18
Location: California
Position at FANdemonium Network: Contributor
How I became a fan of…:One of my first experiences with Disney was going to Disneyland for my 8th birthday (very first trip to the park) and loosing my purse on Peter Pan. My father was annoyed to take me to the Lost & Found and fill out the paperwork, in case it was found. Well, about 3 weeks later, we get a package from Disneyland. It was my purse with a check inside to cover my cash that was in it! And I have forever believed in the Magic of Disney.

Fave Quote: “Wherever you go, there you are” “Hello, Sweetie”
Fave Musician/Band: Miggs, U2, Garth Brooks, Broadway, Tim McGraw & Faith Hill, any 80’s band.

Fave TV Show: Downton Abbey, Doctor Who, Game Of Thrones, Walking Dead (thanks Sarah) Outlander, Supernatural (thanks Jenn), Once Upon a Time, Poldark

Fave Actor/Actress: Patrick Swayze, Harrison Ford, Sam Elliot…. and a whole lot more.

Fave Movie: Any Patrick film, The Outsiders, Little Mermaid, and any other Disney movie

Fave Author:
Fave Book:
Interests: Ballroom Dancing, Traveling, Music, Art.
Tell us something about you: I have been ballroom dancing since 5th grade. It is still a passion of mine.